CANTON, Ohio (AP) — Hall of Fame Behavioral Health is partnering with the largest provider of telepsychiatry services in the country under an agreement aimed at improving life for current and former NFL players.

Array Behavioral Care brings more than 20 years of experience in telepsychiatry to the partnership with the affiliate of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Its network has providers in more than 50 major markets around the country.

Hall of Fame Behavioral Health was founded in May in an effort to help current and former NFL players improve their quality of life. It also agreed to partner with the Special Forces Foundation to help provide assistance to members of the Special Forces and their families.

“The narrative surrounding athletes’ mental health and wellness is changing, thanks to strong voices in the athlete community and programs like Hall of Fame Behavioral Health,” said Calais Campbell, a 13-year NFL defensive lineman currently with the Baltimore Ravens. “Performing at a high level means more than just perfecting physical strength and endurance, it also means making mental wellness a priority.

"Beyond talking about it, we must provide easily accessible mental wellness resources — a counselor or life coach must be as simple to access for an athlete as the weight room.”

The Special Forces Foundation is a nonprofit that offers a variety of programs designed to address the fraying of the force after nearly two decades of sustained combat. It also provides support to Gold Star families.

“Humans are more important than hardware, and we hope this initiative can bring more awareness and mental well-being to the veteran community as a whole,” said Ignacio Garza, founder and executive director of the Special Forces Foundation.


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